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A template for type enthusiasts made in Notion & Super

Update and manage your portfolio directly in Notion.

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Sometimes you just want to write a few words or share a few links

Sometimes, you just don’t have the time or energy to create a huge portfolio. Well, say hello to Typo, a text-only template for Notion & Super.

Designed specifically for minimalists, Typo makes it easy to get your point across in the simplest way possible. A wall of text on a page is a sure way to get the attention of visitors and leave no room for distraction.

With all your content living on Notion, updating your website is easier than ever. Want to make a quick edit to some text, but you're stuck in a café with only your phone? Just fire up Notion, everything is synced to your live website.

In order to use Typo, you must have an account with Notion (free), and a Super account ($12/mo).

Here are 5 reasons to choose Notion as your next CMS.

All purchasers get free updates for life.


Our pricing is simple. Pay once, use forever, and get free updates for life.


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