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Starter is the most powerful UI kit and design system for Figma. Kickstart and finish any design project in a flash.

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Starter is the byproduct of 20 years experience designing websites.

After spending countless years recreating the same components over and over again, we wanted to create the ultimate starting point for any design project.

We've created a design system and landing page block builder from the ground up saving you up to 80% design time.

This gives you the opportunity to level up as a designer and take on more design projects at once as you spit out landing pages in record-breaking speed.

Start saving thousands of design hours

Starter gives you the power to design websites in a flash. Explore unlimited design variations and concepts without all the hard work

Starter components

Components and variants

We’ve already thought of everything you’ll ever need so you don’t have to.

Starter styles

Global styles

Super-smart colour, typography and effects already setup and ready to go.

Starter base components

Base components

A collection of smart components. No more recreating the same button component.

Starter icons

Icons at your finger tips

Over 2,000 delicately crafted vector stroke icons ready to use in your projects.

Put together unique layouts without all the creative stress

In a matter of minutes you can piece together landing page concepts that look like they took weeks to design. Clients will be shocked at your design output.


Select, swap and arrange different components.

Create and experiment with new layouts every time with over 2,000 components and variants.

Step 1

Add a personal touch—this is the fun part.

Now's your time to shine. Swap the logo, add your favourite colours, change the copy—make it yours.

Step 2

Wrap up your design, move onto the next.

Using Starter your design time is cut down 80%, allowing you to handle more design projects at once.

Step 3

"I sat in my chair absolutely stricken by how easily I could mock up almost any business idea in 10x less time. It felt DIRTY GOOD. Like a cheat code."

Anuj Prajapati

Brand Designer

Are you ready to level up as a designer?

Create unique, beautiful designs and get the recognition and reputation you deserve.


Our pricing is simple. Pay once, use forever, and get free updates for life.

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