The fastest UI kit and design system for Figma

Kickstart any design project, save thousands of design hours and level up as a designer.

Join 1,000+ design agencies and freelancers who use Starter for design projects.



Are you still starting design projects from scratch? Still recreating the same components?

We’ve been there—so have many others.

Join thousands of design agencies, startups, and freelancers who’ve made the switch to Starter.

Starter saves you up to 80% project startup time. This allows you to handle more design projects at once and level up as a designer.

As well as being an intelligent design system, Starter gives you the power to generate different web design concepts in minutes, not weeks.

You can even mix-and-match different sections and variants to create new designs every time.

Are you ready to save thousands of design hours and level up as a designer?

I sat in my chair absolutely stricken by how easily I could mock up almost any business idea in 10x less time. It felt DIRTY GOOD. Like a cheat code.

Anuj Prajapati

Brand Designer

Explore thousands of components to design websites

Starter comes packed with everything you need to design high-quality websites.


Experiment with layout ideas without the hard work

Switch and combine different sections to create new website designs every time.

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Design websites in minutes, not weeks

Complete projects 10x faster, take on more clients, and free up your time to work on more important things.

Quality is rare

Starter is meticulously crafted with auto layout, component properties, smart variants and with accessibility in mind.

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WCAG 2.1 compliant

Accessible by default

Tailwind CSS compatible

Developer friendly


Our pricing is simple. Pay once, use forever, and get free updates for life.

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A single license. Perfect for freelance designers or developers.


A license for up to 5 users. Perfect for small teams or startups.


A license for up to 20 users. Perfect for large teams and companies.

Some of the best money I've ever spent, and listen... I'm not usually the kind of guy who is using icon packs and templates and stuff but this is just so well made.

Brandon Oxendine

Freelance designer